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[Hot] Guizhou | 6D5N Extreme-Themed Tour: Fearless Fun in a Real Outdoor Heaven

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Adventuring up to the mountain peak and overseeing the forest

Touching an underground world that takes millions of years to form

Whitewater rafting through the most beautiful Karst river gorge with adrenaline leveling up all the way

1. Two most popular extreme sports spots in Guizhou, starred by TikTok

2. Facing the challenge of Tarzan in the real world — Giant Swing

3. Rappelling in a waterfall and cliff walking in the clouds

4. 3 km hiking through a virgin forest and fast zip-lining into a cave

5. China's first coffee bar on the cliff - Taste the wildest coffee

6. Underground adventure: searching for fossils of Permian creatures, eating hotpot & camping in the cave

D0: Guiyang (贵阳) Arrival

D1: Guiyang - Kaiyang Hou’er Sinkhole Cool Play Park 开阳猴耳天坑酷玩公园- Guiyang

D2: Guiyang - Libo Forest Cool Play Park (荔波森林酷玩公园)

D3: Libo Forest Cool Play Park - Shuichun River Whitewater Rafting (水春河漂流) - Libo (荔波)

D4: Libo - Xiaoqikong (Small Seven-hole Bridge) (小七孔) - Daqikong (Large Seven-hole Bridge) (大七孔) - Guiyang Departure

D5: Libo - Guiyang Departure

Leaping into the unfathomable pitch-dark cave

Feeling the overwhelming fear in the darkness

TikTokers’ most favorite experience

Hanging in the air, and get unlashed in a sudden

Swinging at full speed like a pendulum across the giant sinkhole

Your screams echoed in-between the valleys

Cost Information:

What's included?

◆ Private transportation with good AC
◆ Professional tour guide with both English and Chinese service
◆ Experience:
— Hou’er Sinkhole Cool Play Park
【Waterfall Rappelling + Cliff Walk in the Clouds + Giant Swing】
— Libo Forest Cool Play Park
【Forest Hiking + Zip-lining into a Cave + Underground Adventure + Hotpot & Camping in the Cave】
— Shuichun River Whitewater Rafting
◆ Tickets:
— Hou’er Sinkhole Cool Play Park
— Libo Forest Cool Play Park
— Xiaoqikong & Daqikong Scenic Area
+ sightseeing shuttle + bamboo raft ride
◆ 4-star hotel with breakfast (2 persons share one room)
◆ Meals in the cave
◆ Government tax
◆ Travel insurance

What's excluded?

◆ Personal expenses and tips to the guide and driver
◆ Meals that are not included in "Inclusions"
◆ Transportation into and out of Guiyang (If needed, we'll be more than happy to help with your flight/train booking)

Refund Policy

◆ If you cancel this trip more than 7 days before departure, we will fully refund you.
◆ If you cancel this trip 3 days before departure, we will refund 50% trip fee to you.
◆ If you cancel this trip within 3 days before departure, no refund.



Guiyang Arrival

Breakfast included : Hotel

You will arrive in Guiyang and we will meet you at the airport or railway station with a welcome board and then transfer you to the local hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to explore this fantastic city. Qianling Mountain and Jiaxiu Pavilion are the two signature attractions of Guiyang. In the evening you should not miss the local street food at Erqi Rd and Minsheng Rd.


Guiyang -> Kaiyang Hou’er Sinkhole Cool Play Park -> Guiyang

Breakfast included : Hotel

We'll start the day with a 1.5h short drive to China's 1st extreme-sport-themed park - Kaiyang Hou'er Sinkhole Park. We'll be spending the whole day experiencing the following three activities.

Waterfall Rappelling

Enjoy the panorama of the sinkhole with your body hanging in the air.

Cliff Walk in the Clouds

Walk over the sinkhole on a wonky hanging bridge and then along the cliff that is hundreds of meters high.

Giant Swing

Fly across the valley and leave your soul behind


Guiyang -> Libo Forest Cool Play Park

Breakfast included : Hotel

We'll head for Libo Forest Cool Play Park in the morning. After a special lunch in a Bouyei ethnic village of 600 years old, we'll be hiking for 3 km in a virgin forest to the cave entrance, where our coach will later give a safety instruction. 

Your underground adventure starts with ziplining into the cave and then riding a glass-bottom boat deep into the pitch darkness. At the end of the day, we'll have a hot pot for dinner in the cave and then experience overnight cave camping.


Libo Forest Cool Play Park -> Yaoshan Old Village

Breakfast included : Camp

Starting with breakfast in the cave, we’ll then walk through the forest again and reach a coffee bar on the 200m-high cliff. (Be sure to have a cup of the wildest coffee ever!)

Back on the road, we'll move on to another same exciting experience - whitewater rafting in Shunchun River, through Guizhou's most beautiful Karst river gorge. Be prepared to get wet, amazed, thrilled, and exhausted! In the evening we'll arrive at Libo County. Do reward yourself with the local street food and feel the differences from what you had in Guiyang!


Libo -> Xiaoqikong (Small Seven-hole Bridge) -> Daqikong (Large Seven-hole Bridge) -> Libo

Breakfast included : Hotel

We'll get to Xiaoqikong Scenic Area in the morning and then kick off a wonderful exploration of this Karst Forest. The must-see sights include the Small Seven-hole Bridge, Laya Waterfall, Cuigu Waterfall, Yuanyang Lake (a water forest labyrinth where we'll be boating and looking for the Yuanyang trees (marriage trees), which is my favorite experience), and the home of dragon—Sleeping Dragon Lake.

In the afternoon we'll be visiting Daqikong Scenic Area. A bamboo raft ride gets us into the gorge in the beginning, and then we'll be hiking the plank trail deep into the Terror Gorge and see the Natural Bridge glistening when the sun sets.


Libo -> Guiyang Departure

Breakfast included : Hotel

If we stay in Libo for the night of D4, we'll leave for Guiyang in the morning and arrive at downtown Guiyang or the airport/railway station by noon, according to your flight/train schedule. You will definitely bring a lot of unforgettable memories home! 


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