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Heilongjiang, Jilin & Liaoning | 6 Days' Northeast Ice Wonderland Exploration

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- St. Sophia Cathedral Plaza: The largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East

- Central Street: The "Eastern Moscow"

- Indoor Ice Lantern Exhibition: Feel the ice world for all seasons

- Jingpo Lake: The "volcanic museum"

- Erdao Baihe Town: Experience the authentic local culture and custom

- Changbai Mountain & Tianchi (Heavenly Lake): The must-visit sites

- Changbai Mountain Wanda Holiday Resort: Enjoy the water park (in summer) or ski (in winter)

Cost Information:

What's included?

◆A local transfer based on group size and experienced driver
◆Accommodation (twin room basis)
- Harbin local 4-star hotel
- Mudan River local 5-star hotel
- Erdao Baihe local 3-star hotel
- Wanda Holiday Resort local 4-star hotel
- Shenyang local 3-star hotel
◆Entrance ticket
- Sun Island scenic bus
- Indoor Ice Lantern Exhibition
- Jingpo Lake + scenic bus
- Banhu Lake boat fee
- Shenyang Imperial Palace
- Changbai Mountain + scenic bus + car to Heavenly Lake
◆Professional English speaking guide
◆Service fee
◆Travel insurance

What's excluded?

◆Train/Air ticket to Harbin and leave Shenyang
◆Tips to guide and driver
◆Personal expenses
◆Single room supplement

Refund Policy

◆ If you cancel this trip more than 7 days before departure, we will fully refund you.
◆ If you cancel this trip 3 days before departure, we will refund 50% trip fee to you.
◆ If you cancel this trip within 3 days before departure, no refund.



Harbin Arrival

Arrive in Harbin and our guide will be waiting for you for pick-up. Transfer to hotel for check-in. The rest time is for you to relax and hang around on your own.


Harbin - Mudanjiang

Breakfast included :

- Sun Island Scenic Area

Being famous both home and abroad, the Sun Island Scenic Area lies on the north bank of the Songhua River in Harbin City. This dainty area is surrounded by blue water, boasts crystal lakes, wooden rockeries, beautiful flowers, and exotic buildings. In summer, the comfortable weather makes it the first choice to avoid the summer heat, and in winter, the spot is a paradise for ice-snow travel.

*Notice: There will be International Ice Sculpture Festival in Sun Island when in winter. If you would like to visit, we can add at the extra cost of 240 CNY/pax for the entrance ticket.

- St. Sophia Cathedral Plaza

St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is the largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East. It is 53.3 meters (175 feet) high and occupies an area of 721 square meters (0.18 acres). In November 1996, it was listed as one of the Key Cultural Relics under State Protection. Half a year later, the city government repaired it and renamed it Harbin Art Gallery. It is a respectable landmark for Harbiners and for tourism.

- Flood Control Momument

Flood Control Monument was built with a European style in conformity with the architecture along Central Street. It was erected in 1958 in memory of the people of Harbin fighting the flood in 1957. At the time, the water level reached 120.3 meters above sea level, which was 4 meters higher than the ground level of the section of the city. The people's life and property were endangered. However, Harbin people worked along the bank day and night for over a month. In the end, the flood gave way and the city was safe and sound again.

- Central Street

Known as the 'Eastern Moscow', Harbin has always been regarded as a unique and exotic city. The most exotic place in Harbin is Central Street, known as Zhongyang Dajie (中央大街) in Chinese. As a newcomer to this city without any idea of where to go, start your journey at 'Central Street'. This long corridor of European architectural art is the pride of every local in this city. It provides an enthralling destination that abounds with history, attracting tourists from home and abroad.

- Mid-east Railway Bridge

The bridge was built by tsarist Russia in 1900 and took 1 year to complete. It started to put into use in Oct. 1901 as was the biggest railway bridge over the Songhua River. After 113 years' service, the bridge stopped running and was listed as the key cultural relic. After maintenance, it's open to tourists. Plus the newly added glass bridge has become a popular symbol for Harbin.

- Indoor Ice Lantern Exhibition

Indoor Ice Lantern Exhibition uses modern technology to make you feel that you are in an ice world no matter when you come (even in summer you will feel the real coolness). The temperature stays between -2℃ and -10℃, so please do bring a coat with you when visiting. The ice sculptures look unreal and magical with the background music and lights. All the works show the culture, life, and history of Harbin. Enjoy the fantasy ice world! 


Mudanjiang - Jingpo Lake - Erdao Baihe

Breakfast included :

- Jingpo Lake Scenic Area

Offering a luscious landscape and intriguing geological artifacts, the volcanoes of the Jingpo Lake National Geopark in the Mudanjiang of Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province are a sight to see. Dubbed a "volcanic museum" in China, the Jingpo Lake National Geopark is known for its volcanic group and lava-blocked lake, which is one of the largest in China. There are 16 cone-shaped volcanoes in the park, distinctive with different scales, structures, and unique characteristics.

- Changbai Mountain Guandong Folk Culture Park

The village where the park situates has more than 1200 years of history. The park is about 72 hectares and 58 of them are primary forests. You can have a better understanding of the natural landscape and resources as well as the local folk cultures (wedding, life, celebration, etc.) in the meantime. Joining some activities and get an unforgettable experience of Northeast China!


Erdao Baihe - Changbai Mountain - Wanda Holiday Resort

Breakfast included :

- Changbai Mountain (North slope)

Changbai Mountain is situated in Antu County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China, bordering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the south. As a dormant volcano, Changbai Mountain boasts marvelous lakes, amazing hot springs, forests stretching to the horizon, and many rare animals & plants like Changbai Mountain ginseng. There is splendid scenery during the four seasons, but it is especially beautiful in winter.

- Tianchi/Heavenly Lake

The most beautiful part of Changbai Mountain in China is undoubtedly Tianchi or Heavenly Lake. The lake was formed in the crater of the mountain, and it is the source of the Songhua, Tumen, and Yalu Rivers. The mountain is also the cradle of Manchu, Korean, and Han nationalities. The average temperature is 7.3°C (45.14°F). With clouds everywhere, Heavenly Lake is like jade in the sky. You can find a very interesting phenomenon while walking along Heavenly Lake. On many occasions, it is common for sunshine and rain to occur at the same time. It may rain very hard one minute, but you may soon find the sun shining warmly the next minute. Sometimes, you can even watch it rain in the west and shine in the east.

- Underground Forest

Underground Forest, the attraction with the lowest altitude on Changbai Mountain, is famous for its view of virgin forests. Ancient tall trees, huge rocks, special animals, and cliffy canyons have lured many scientists, explorers, and photographers in recent years. We can trek (round way 6km) into the forest if you want to. The total trekking time would be around 1.5 hours.


Wanda Holiday Resort - Shenyang

Breakfast included :

- Wanda Holiday Resort

After breakfast, we can enjoy the activities provided by the hotel on our own in the morning: waterpark (summer), bike, cable car, ski (winter). The activities may differ depending on the different seasons and hotel arrangements. You need to pay a safe deposit for the equipment rented. Fully enjoy the free time inside the resort and relax. Get rid of all your troubles and concerns.


Shenyang Departure

Breakfast included :

- Shenyang Imperial Palace

Shenyang Imperial Palace is located in the center of Shenyang City, right amongst a major residential district. It is the earliest preserved imperial palace in China, and the value of many artworks and artifacts stored inside are only second to those in Beijing's Forbidden City. It is often referred to as the "Forbidden City beyond the Shanhai Pass" and it was placed under world heritage in 2004. 

Built in 1625 as the palace used by Emperor Nurhaci and Huang Taiji, this Imperial Qing Palace is divided into three sections: the eastern road, the center, and the western road providing the palace with perfect symmetry. Today the Shenyang Imperial Palace is filled with ancient relics from the Qing Dynasty, like the sword of Emperor Nurhaci, broadsword, and chair made by antlers of Emperor Huang Taiji, etc. 

The palace also contains some of China's abundant and precious artworks; calligraphy, lacquer-ware, ceramics, and carvings by China's great artists are housed within the palace.


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