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5 Days in Guangzhou & Macao




As soon as we got off the plane, we felt the “enthusiasm” of Guangzhou.

It is said that living in the north China, we really can’t stand the heat and humidity of Guangzhou.After that, we sweat a lot every day. Fortunately, we can basically be surrounded by air-conditioning. Or ,it's really overwhelming.

However, the air in Guangzhou is really much better than in Xi'an and Beijing, and the blue sky and white clouds can be seen every day. The rain in Guangzhou is also characteristic. When I first arrived in Guangzhou, the first sentence of my friend was, did you bring an umbrella?

really,just now it was still  sunny, and there might be heavy rain in an instant. This is really hard to understand in the north China. After going to the hotel to check in, we went straight to Shangxiajiu.

We were already hungry and hungry, could be no longer bearing the excitement of having food! I walked a few steps from the subway station and saw Yin Kee Rice Noodles Store, but the host kept clamoring for fresh shrimp wonton noodles on the road, and my girlfriend went straight to Baohua Noodles with me under my constant grinding.  The noodle is very special. It is very different from the noodles in Shaanxi. Like that famous Biang Biang noodle in Xi'An

It is really delicious. There is shrimp in each wanton and the soup is very delicious. Compared with beef tendon noodles, There is a hint of sauce and the soup flavor is strong. I can’t walk a few steps from Baohua Noodle Shop to Shun Kee Ice Room.

Speaking of which, when we first decided to come to Guangzhou, she said she wanted to eat Shun Kee Ice Room. At that time, the host hadn’t started making strategies, so Shun wrote it down. The slips of paper are clamped in the wallet, and later taken out when doing the strategy. The ice cream did not disappoint us. The three flavors of mango, durian and coconut have their own characteristics. Durian is the strongest flavor. When it is eaten with the other two flavors, it is almost only durian's flavor.

egg tarts in Guangzhou

After shopping and eating, we come to the Canton Tower. As landmark building in Guangzhou, the Canton Tower is worth visiting. At the request of our girlfriend, we chose the package including the ladder because we wanted to experience the transparent floor. Although I was very resistant in my heart, I actually didn’t look down afterwards... But when I climbed up the ladder, because there was no glass block, I could clearly see the night view of Guangzhou and the river breeze.On the 107th and 108th floors, the view is wider, and the lights in the hall are also beautiful.

Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street

we came to the Shishi Sacred Heart Church for a walk.

On the way from the subway station to the church, there is an area for wholesale goods. All kinds of seafood and industrial products, let us have a good feeling about the city style of Guangzhou. It really has his own characteristics. But unfortunately, when we came, some filming work was going on in the church. We were not able to get in, but we could still feel the magnificence and sacredness of the church across the wall. I couldn’t help but walk to the door. I drew a cross before. Although I don’t believe in religion, I have to admit that having my own faith is a very sacred thing. The church was very quiet, and I walked around in a circle, listening to the birdsong and the wind, my mind gradually calmed down.

Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Park

The visit to Chimelong Ocean Park was strongly recommended by my friends.

He said that Ocean Park and Macau will never disappoint you. According to the idea of ​​a person who has never been to the Ocean Park, it is nothing more than the animals in the ocean for people to watch. It feels like nothing fun. However, after a day of playing, my idea was completely subverted. This ocean park is very fun and will not disappointing at all. The ticket price is 350 yuan.

There is no student ticket so I bought two. A fun thing happened before we entered the park. All of our luggage was two bags and one box. Mine was packed with things we need to take with us, so there was one bag and one box to store. But the storage here is charged per piece. In order to save 50% quick money, we forcibly stuffed the contents of the bag into the box, including the bag itself.

I have to thank my gf for her packing skills and the box LOL. we pulled it up reluctantly, and looked a little distressed, but fortunately, it did not explode and died in the end. I checked the guide in advance and knew that food was not allowed in the park, but we still hid some food for fear of being too hungry for a day of playing. Passing the security check, it is necessary to open the bag for inspection, but if you hide the words a little bit, you can still bring some in. The most famous performances in the Ocean Park are sea lions, beluga whales, and dolphins. Each performance is performed in a theater that can accommodate thousands of people.


Visiting Macau is our most anticipated itinerary.The friend told me the walking distances of these various places very intimately, and then solemnly and repeatedly recommended the delicious food places haha. He also said that let us go to the port as early as possible, because there may be a lot of people going through the line, and taking the queue will take long time. We arrived at Gongbei Port at about 7:40 in the morning. We did a group visa(or Macau Pass since Macau is SAR of China) at the shop next to us, changed the number of Portuguese Macau coins.

Deposited our luggage, and we went to pass the customs. It was a bit of fun when we exchanged coins. We were about to convert 800 RMB into Macau coins. At that time, that person directly took out a 1000 banknote for me LOL. The first reaction was, is this thing really a fake currency note? Then I said, can I exchange it for some spare money. There were not many people who passed the customs. We only spent 20 minutes. Passed, There is a free bus from the Venetian Hotel next to the port, but we seem to have arrived earlier, and the bus hasn't departed yet. There are many people in line. We were lucky enough to sit in the first row, watching the landscape of Macau with excitements along the way

The buses in Macau are charged by sections, everyone only puts minimum amount of money. Some of the bus stop signs here are very cute, and the route of the bus is on a barrel, which can be turned and read, which is very fun.

We took the car to the Lisboa Hotel, originally wanted to go in and have a look, but it seems that there is only the accommodation and casinos, not as worth strolling as the Venetian Hotel, we walked directly in front of the chamber. we did some shopping in SASA mall. Although I don’t know much about cosmetics, the cosmetics here are really cheap. The price in Macau yuan is generally lower than the RMB price. After considering the exchange rate, it is really cheap. After getting out of SASA, we had Yishun Milk's shuangpi milk and banana milk, which is somewhat different from the Nanxin that we had in Shangxiajiu before.

Continue to the direction of the St. Paul's archway, passing by the Rosary Church, because it is a pity that we did not enter the Sacred Heart Church into the stone room, we went in for a serious visit, the church is very quiet and beautiful, it is not too big. There were not many people inside, so we went to look for food after visiting it quietly. It took a bit of effort to find fish balls. Unavigation sucks

But fish balls are really delicious after we got that 

to be continued...


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