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Shaoxing City trip




The southern tour of July provided Shaoxing with two days reserved for the Shaoxing travel pass before spitting online, so this trip is a self-help trip.
The day I went to Shaoxing was an unforgettable day when I flew from Xiamen to Shanghai to arrive late at midnight and arrived at three o'clock in the morning when I was sitting in the open KFC store at the airport and watched China sound ... ... finally wait until dawn, take a train to Hongqiao station Shaoxing, opened my Millennium Shaoxing tour.
Prior to Shaoxing, the most known is the generation of Shaoxing fragrant floating wine, in fact, only after the discovery of roaming 5A scenic spot here - the hometown of Lu Xun Shen Park, the celebrity's former residence, East Lake Shui Shi bonsai, resorts Huiji Mountain (Dayu Ling) Calligraphy sacred land Lanting, and even the paddling canopies boat ...... more than the old wine intoxicating, more memorable ~
D1 Lu Xun hometown (Lu Xun Zuju, Sanwei Bookstore, Lu Xun's former residence, Lu Xun Memorial Hall) - Shen Yuan Nights - Check-in hotel - D2 Dayu - Memorial Temple - Zhou Enlai ancestral home - East Lake
About transportation:
Uncle from Shanghai, Hangzhou, back to the following:
Shanghai Hongqiao - Shaoxing North: D379 times, 07:05-08: 39 , 60 yuan
Shaoxing North - Hangzhou East: D3210 times, 16:58 - 17:21, 13.5 yuan
Shaoxing city traffic dominated by buses.
About tickets:
grab the end of June online burst Shaoxing City Travel Pass (including Park Night), 29 yuan. This pass contains Shaoxing, 18 attractions, the total value of 303 yuan, 140 yuan at the ticket office to buy, it is recommended that online purchase in advance will be cheaper, and if the same lucky uncle grab the spike that is the best, but haha ~
About Hotel:
7 Days Hotel Lu Xun's former residence (located opposite the Golden Age Square), 137 yuan / night.
Overall impression:
worthy of Jiangnan Water Village, a cultural city!
Recommended attractions:
It may be self-help travel, wherever I go is my recommended attractions, which can not bear to lose.
Unforgettable cuisine:
go out, the uncle generally choose to eat clean and quick place to eat, uncle Shaoxing choose the hotel next to the "second kitchen", home taste, good!
Travel suggestions:
1, each city has its own unique atmosphere, to appreciate the beauty of the ancient city of Shaoxing, the details of the beauty, buy a pass roaming buffet is the best way to find it.
2, rich attractions in the ancient city of Shaoxing, passes with 18 attractions, it is recommended to play all day.

Lu Xun hometown scenic area
Arrival Shaoxing 8:39 am, Shaoxing North Station at 9 o'clock take the B1 line to the city, 40 minutes after the arrival of Leiyuan Village Station, and then walk all the way to ask for directions, accompanied by the pattering of light rain passing the former residence of Lu Xun, turned N Bentley to find the hotel located 30 meters south of Xianheng Hotel seven days south of the hotel. After the check-in, came to the second kitchen near the hotel in advance of lunch, ah, good taste, the taste of mother!

Eat enough to drink, back to the hotel to sleep, maybe sleepless nights night, sleep until three o'clock in the afternoon to wake up, this full of energy out of the first leg of these

Deserves to be the Yangtze River Delta, Huanchenghe, water Lane haunt the ancient city.

Lu Xun's hometown
because I was online Shaoxing Travel Pass (18 spots), so first came to Lu Xun hometown visitor center ID card, and take the scheduled train ticket is the same. Because grab the two, I thought it would blind one, who knows the ticket is being bought by the tourists at the price of 100 yuan to buy (normal 140), a win-win ah! In fact, I did not want to make this money, ha ha ~
Lu Xun's hometown is free to visit the area, including free opening on Lu Xun's estate

Shen Park
A private garden, experienced so vicissitudes of life, still can flow Liufang, all because of a millennium not old story, a "Chai Tau Fung."


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